Get to Know Your Customer Day

July 17th is Get to Know Your Customer Day

Get to Know Your Customer Day

Get to Know Your Customer Day

What is your favorite day of the year?  Is it your birthday?  Is it the 4th of July?  Is it Christmas?  Here at Jennings Anderson Ford, our favorite day is Get to Know Your Customer Day!  Lucky for us, we get to celebrate 4 times a year.  Today, July 17,th is one of the Get to Know Your Customer Days!

When you are trying to get to know someone better what to you do?  Usually, in our experience, the only way to get to know someone is by asking them questions and spending some time together.  Both are things we want to do to celebrate Get to Know Your Customer Day!

First are the questions!  What is your favorite Ford model?  What Ford model do you wish you could own right now?  What Ford model would you take on a test drive today?  Comment below and let us know the answers!

And to spend some time together, come to Jennings Anderson Ford in Boerne, TX and test drive a Ford today!  Better yet test drive the answer to your favorite model, the Ford you wish you could own, or the Ford you want to test drive…or better yet test drive all three today because July 17th is Get to Know Your Customer Day!

Ford wants to protect your family, which is why Ford is taking safety to a new level

Ford is Taking Safety to a New Level

Ford wants to protect your family, which is why Ford is taking safety to a new level

Ford wants to protect your family, which is why Ford is taking safety to a new level

There are risks involved with everything we do from taking a walk to riding a car.  Dealing with these risks is a daily part of life, but Ford is taking steps to protect all of its customers.  Just on June 26, we posted the blog on the new knee airbags being implemented into the 2015 Ford Mustang.  The new safety feature in the 2015 Ford Mustang is going to revolutionize cars!

Ford is installing a new system called Sync’s 911 Assist.  As soon as your car has been in an accident, the 911 Assist system will automatically call a 911 operator.  The system will then proceed to give the 911 operator the airbags that were deployed, the speed of the car, how many seatbelts were in use, and which part of the car was hit.  Following the quick relay of this information the system will give the coordinates of the car, and then allow the operator to speak directly to the driver in the car.

This new system will cut down on the time it would take to contact a 911 operator and relay the necessary information.  Not only that, but say you are unconscious after the accident and are alone in the car, the 911 Assist system will have still called 911.

Ford is taking safety to a new level.  Ford is trying to protect and help its customers in any way they can, and we are very grateful for this.  Come to Jennings Anderson Ford in Boerne, TX and test drive a new Ford, and know that you are stepping into a new era of safety.

You'll feel like a superhero if you are the lucky winner of the Jennings Anderson Ford's Summer Fun Sweepstakes!

Jennings Anderson Ford’s Summer Fun Sweepstakes

You'll feel like a superhero if you are the lucky winner of the Jennings Anderson Ford's Summer Fun Sweepstakes!

You’ll feel like a superhero if you are the lucky winner of the Jennings Anderson Ford’s Summer Fun Sweepstakes!

What better way is there to celebrate the summer than to go to Six Flags Fiesta Texas?  We here at Jennings Anderson Ford in Boerne, Texas certainly cannot think of a better summer activity!  That is why we have decided to give the lucky winner of Jennings Anderson Ford’s Summer Fun Sweepstakes two tickets to Six Flags Fiesta Texas!

This is an unbelievably easy contest to enter, so why not?  If you do not enter, you could miss out on your chance for two tickets to Six Flags Fiesta Texas, and why would you ever want to miss that?  It’s simple, all you have to do is like our Facebook page and fill out the entry form! That’s it! No hoops, just an easy way to win a day of fun in the sun with you and a friend at an amazing amusement park!

If you are the lucky winner, you get to take yourself and a guest to Six Flags to experience all the fun Six Flags has to offer!  It is up to you to decide what you want to do once you get there.  You can go for adventure and ride the thrill rides, like the Frisbee.   You can take your kid and go on the kid rides, like the Kiddee Koaster.  Or go on a really warm day and go on water park rides!  And that’s not even all!  There is entertainment, family rides, great food, and shopping.

Enter Jennings Anderson Ford’s Summer Fun Sweepstakes for your chance to win two tickets to Six Flags Fiesta Texas!

2015 Ford Mustang will have new knee airbag for the passenger

2015 Ford Mustang Knee Airbag

2015 Ford Mustang will have new knee airbag for the passenger

2015 Ford Mustang will have new knee airbag for the passenger

At some point or another we have all heard the saying ‘well if everyone else jumped off a bridge, would you do it to?’  Well the new 2015 Ford Mustang is choosing to drive its own path by designing new knee airbags, although if it did jump off the bridge, all of the new safety precautions would protect you!

Ford is doubling its airbags for the 2015 Ford Mustang.  This includes an all new airbag for the knees of the passenger.  This new knee airbag technology has never been seen before and is recently patented by Ford.  The new system is not a traditional airbag, but is designed as a plastic bladder.  The airbag fits into the lining of the door of the glovebox.  When the sensors detect an accident, the airbag quickly inflates and comes directly down to protect the passenger’s knees.

Not only is this an incredible advancement for safety, it also allows for more room and comfort in the 2015 Ford Mustang.  The new knee airbag design is a lot smaller than past airbags.  To put it into perspective this new airbag is sixty-five percent lighter and uses an inflator that is seventy-five percent smaller.  This allows for the airbag to take up a lot less space, and allow for more leg room for the passenger.

With the new 2015 Ford Mustang you will not only be driving in comfort, but will be driving in safety.

the 2014 Ford Mustang from Jay Leno's top ten Mustangs list

Jay Leno’s Top Ten Mustangs

The 2014 Ford Mustang from Jay Leno's top ten Mustangs list

The 2014 Ford Mustang from Jay Leno’s top ten Mustangs list

To continue the celebration of fifty years of Ford Mustangs, Jay Leno from the NBC show Jay Leno’s Garage came out with a list of his top ten favorite Mustangs.  Just like all of us, he was disappointed that he was limited to only ten Mustangs.

The Mustangs are not listed in any order of rank, just oldest to most recent, but are all favorites!  So enjoy Jay Leno’s top ten Mustangs!


There were five Mustangs from the ‘60s on Leno’s List.  It appears Leno is trying to squeeze more Mustangs into the count, because the first Mustang from the 60′s is actually two cars: the ’62 concept cars Mustang 1 and Mustang 2.  The next car is the ’64 ½, which is a production Mustang.  The third for the ‘60s is the ’65 Shelby GT350, which was a race car.  The fourth Mustang for the 60s is the ’65 K-code with the pony package.  The final, and already at the half-way mark, is the ’68 390 GT 2+2 Fastback which is most famous for the reverse burnout by Steve McQueen in the movie Bullitt.


The ‘70s has one car on the list, the ’70 BOSS 302.  The 302 engine allowed for this Mustang to compete in the Trans-Am series.


The ‘80s also has one car that made Leno’s top ten, the ’84-’86 SVO.  This Mustang has great handling and a supercharged engine.


Jumping into the ‘10s, there are the final three cars on the top ten Mustang list.  The first is the ‘12 Laguna Seca.  The second is the last Mustang in the Shelby generation, the ’14 Shelby GT500.  Finally number ten, the ’15 Ford Mustang, which is the first Mustang with independent suspension.

This list definitely covers some of the best Ford Mustangs, but there are plenty more that we would have included.  Needless to say, there will definitely be new Mustangs to add to the list at the end of the next fifty years!

Join the fifty year tradition and experience the love of driving a Ford Mustang and test drive a Mustang today at Jennings Anderson Ford!

1932 Ford hot rod photo by Brian Snelson

Your Mail can Drive a Hot Rod: 1932 Ford Hot Rod Stamps

1932 Ford hot rod photo by Brian Snelson

1932 Ford hot rod photo by Brian Snelson

When we think of classic cars, the 1930s Ford hot rods always come to mind, particularly the 1932 Ford.  If you are lucky enough to be a proud owner of a hot rod, or have even been able to drive in one…you are the envy of every hot rod fan.

Now everyone who is feeling envious has an opportunity to make a hot rod a part of their daily life!

The United States Postal Service is coming out with a series of hot rod stamps.  There are two stamps available and both are of the 1932 Ford hot rods.

The stamps give different views on these classic hot rods.  The first stamp depicts the front view of a red hot rod.  The second stamp is the rearview of a black hot rod with red flames.  If any of you have seen the movie Grease, the second stamp looks very similar to the Grease Lightning.

There is no doubt about it, our mail is going to be driving around in style.  So even if you cannot personally be transported by a hot rod, your mail is about to have the ride of a life time!

2014 Ford Edge

Anniversary of the First Drive-in Theater Opening

2014 Ford Edge

For all those who love Ford and movies, this is a special day for you.  81 years ago today, the first drive-in movie theater opened in Camden, New Jersey.

This first theater was opened by Richard Hollingshead and was called Park-In Theaters.  It is believed that Hollingshead began creating the drive-in theater because his mom never felt comfortable in movie theater seats.

This first theater was not like what we experience today.  The sound quality was very poor given that it was three speakers near the screen, and the majority of movies shown were B-movies.

In 1949, Hollingshead’s patent was overturned, and drive-in theaters appeared all over the country.  The drive-in theaters started to expand and look more-and-more like the theaters we see today.  Now we can listen to the movie through our Ford SYNC® audio system, watch two movies in one night, and usually these are Hollywood’s finest films.

The third drive-in ever opened was in our very own Lone Star state.  It was opened in Galveston in 1934.  Texas has also held the title as having the most drive-in theaters of any state.

Since summer has just begun, drive-in theater season has begun.  Celebrate the anniversary of the first drive-in theater opening by getting into the comfortable seats of a Ford car or the bed of a Ford pickup and heading to the movies.

Mustang through Outer Space

2015 Ford Mustang, Mustang through outer space

50 years is a monumental birthday for anyone.  This is usually the year that everyone has a huge blowout party with all of their family and friends.  Some friends of the Mustang wanted to give it a similar 50 year celebration.

Michael Sego and Steve Kubitz from California decided to take the Mustang through Outer Space  To complete this out-of-this-world celebration, Michael and Steve connected a red Mustang model to a high-altitude weather balloon.

Not only did these guys want the Mustang to go to outer space, they wanted to document it.  They attached a camera to their space odyssey contraption, so that they could capture the entire adventure.

The Mustang was able to reach a height of 110,000 feet or about 21 miles, before it began its descent back to Earth.  With the help of a GPS location transmitter, Michael and Steve were able to retrieve their Mustang modal that made an epic trip into space.

To see the Mustang’s cruise through space, check out the video below!

Ford Warriors in Pink Begin 20th Year of Fighting Breast Cancer



In its 20th year of fighting breast cancer and promoting preventive health measures, Ford Motor Company continues to drive the conversation on breast cancer awareness. Through Ford Warriors in Pink, the automotive company began the anniversary year by conducting a survey among adult women to encourage talks about breast health.

That survey, dubbed Drive the Conversation, yielded interesting findings on women’s discussions about breast cancer, particularly the conversations, or lack thereof, between mothers and daughters.

Both mothers and daughters admitted they were more likely to talk about breast health if the other party started the discussion. However, only 41 percent of mothers said they have had a conversation with their daughters on the important topic, and 52 percent of daughters don’t think about discussing the matter with their moms.

“As a mother myself and the youngest of three siblings, I felt that this was a great opportunity to put more light on the important health conversations we should be having more of with our loved ones,” said Tracy Magee, experiential marketing manager for the Ford brand. “And creating a comfortable space to have these conversations is critical.”

We at Jennings Anderson Ford found it interesting that 68 percent of the women surveyed acknowledged the family car to be a “private and safe” place to have these talks about breast health.

So hop in your Ford for a road trip; take a seat on the living room couch; go wherever you need to; but ladies, please have this conversation with your mothers and daughters.


Jennings Anderson Ford Presents Check to Los Reyes Elementary School

Los Reyes Elementary

Kathleen Gorsche (Los Reyes Elementary Principal), Joanne Wasmus (VP Fundraising), Amy Wilson Berg, and David Schulze (PTA President)

You may remember at the beginning of March that we presented a Drive 4 UR Community with Ford at Los Reyes Elementary School’s Spring Carnival. We’re happy to announce that we have given a check for $4,540 to the school! We know the money will be used well to help local students.

On March 1st, drivers with a valid Texas license test drove some of the most popular cars from the Ford lineup. When their test drive was complete, participants filled out a survey. For every completed drive/survey, Ford donated $20 to the school.

Festival attendees also participated in fun activities like a hula hoop contest, cake auction, and performances from local school groups like the Hoffman Highsteppers.

At Jennings Anderson Ford, we’re so happy that we can help schools and community groups like Los Reyes Elementary School raise money through Ford’s Drive 4 UR School and Drive 4 UR Community programs.